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Edinburgh Northwest Kirk: the Pennywell buildings operating from the previous 'Old Kirk and Muirhouse' church & hall buildings at 42 Pennywell Gardens, Edinburgh EH4 4PE.
We united with Cramond Kirk formally at worship on Sunday 3rd Sept. 2023, to create 'Edinburgh: Northwest Kirk' [ENK]. We look forward to working with the good people of the Cramond Kirk to share the love of God with the wide diversity of people in our congregation and parish, by nurturing, caring for, serving and celebrating our people and our Lord.
To watch the 11:00am service of Sunday 21st April '24 LIVE (or a recording later on), click here

Scottish Charity no. SC006457. We are part of the Church of Scotland - visit website >

Thank you for visiting our website, please come and join us one Sunday at 42 Pennywell Gardens to worship God & share Fellowship. Please be aware that following the Union to form ENK, this website will be retired and later in 2024 the new ENK website will take over, at here- apologies if this affects your 'Bookmarks', but we wanted you to be warned.