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The Union with Cramond Kirk gets a step closer

The Union with Cramond Kirk gets a step closer

Friday 23rd June 2023
Graham Madeley (Session Clerk)

Dear All
Last night (20th June '23) was an historic date for TOKM Parish Church and I hope we can share this information widely. Our union with Cramond Kirk was approved at the Presbytery meeting. That also means we have permission to call a minister. Martin Scott has been appointed by Presbytery to be the Interim Moderator for our united church of Edinburgh Northwest Kirk: Cramond Kirk and The Old Kirk and Muirhouse (Church of Scotland).
The next stages are complex and time consuming:
* Application to OSCR - takes at least 42 days.
* A service of union takes place - early indications are this will be the first Sunday in September. Time and venue to be set by Presbytery.
* The combined Kirk Session will meet with our newly assigned Vacancy Advisory Committee of Rev James Aitken, Brian Falla and Karen McKay.
* Kirk Session votes on whether to accept a candidate who is in a same sex relationship.
* Electoral Register formed for the united congregation.
* Congregation appoints a nominating committee of 13 people.
* Nominating Committee works to identify a sole candidate for the congregation to vote on.

It was perhaps an indication of our commitment to this union that all seven of us sat together in one of the pews at the Presbytery meeting: Elspeth, Deirdre Shishodia (CK Presbytery Elder), Edith, Karen, Graham, June and Ian in that order. Three from each congregation and me in my dual role yet, purely by chance, we had sat down with alternating members of each of our current congregations along the front row! It has been a long journey but this is a hugely significant milestone.
Kind regards, Graham.