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Stamp Appeal - latest update

Stamp Appeal - latest update

Thursday 8th February 2024

Yesterday, 7th Feb.'24, we handed in the latest batch of stamps to the Church of Scotland Stamp Appeal - see the photo. This was possible because of generous people taking the time to carefully cut stamps from their mail leaving an inch margin all the way round (or just giving us the whole envelope) so that the Appeal volunteers can resell them to stamp collectors.
Each year they make between £2,000 & £4,000 for the overseas charity they are supporting. However, this year has been exceptional, when a rare stamp was donated and as of yesterday, the total stands at £10,271, which is remarkable.
Please keep donating them in the big red box in the church vestibule or leaving them in the church's kitchen for Alan Fisher to collect, sort and pass on to the team.
Many thanks all!