Website Archive

Note - there is no Sunday morning service in the TOK&Mpc building on Sunday 10th March, as we are at Cramond Kirk@ENK for the Annual Stated Meeting. This is an actively revised website, comments/corrections to This website will soon be updated to the 'Edinburgh Northwest Kirk' website.

June 2014 until August 2021

The Old Kirk and Muirhouse active from June 2014 until August 2021. The editing of this site was unexpectedly (and without notice) frozen by Google and so we are unable to add a note to say this!

2012 - June 2014

Muirhouse St.Andrews parish church website active 2012 until the union with the Old Kirk in June 2014.

2012 - June 2014

The previous Old Kirk's own website, had been taken over by cyber-squatters and was rubbished.