Weekly events

Note - there is no Sunday morning service in the TOK&Mpc building on Sunday 10th March, as we are at Cramond Kirk@ENK for the Annual Stated Meeting. This is an actively revised website, comments/corrections to webmaster@tokandmchurch.co.uk. This website will soon be updated to the 'Edinburgh Northwest Kirk' website.
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Sunday - Morning Service of Worship @ 11am


Morning service of Worship is usually 11am, including the 'Sunday Funday' club for youngsters.
Our Sunday morning services are recorded (we now 'Live-stream' them) and post a recording on our 'Youtube' channel later that day - check the 'Live' tab on our channel.
Generally worship will include Holy Communion on the 1st Sunday of alternative months - all who love the Lord Jesus are welcome to take Communion - we leave parent to choose whether their children take the bread & wine. We stand to sing (if physically able) and sit to pray.

some 'Ts & Cs':
a) In these post-COVID times, we know some folk are still not entirely comfortable with close social situations. We have hand sanitiser and disposable face masks avaialbe at the church front door.
b) Parents should complete a 'Media Consent Form' if they are comfortable or not to potentially have their children filmed as part of this - forms are available in the church vestibule. Adults who do not want to possibly be seen on the recordings should tell one of the 'Welcome' team at the door, who will direct them to where to sit.

Date & Time

11am each Sunday